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Cooking Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking has been gaining popularity in professional kitchens over the last few years and it is slowly working its way into the kitchens of home cooks. Despite this, cohesive information about sous vide cooking is hard to find.

Our goal here at Cooking Sous Vide is to accumulate the best of the information out there about sous vide cooking into one place. Combined with our own experiences, this information should be able to inform home cooks interested in trying out sous vide cooking on their own.

Sous Vide Equipment

Learn what type of sous vide equipment is available as well as several common home setups.

Sous Vide Recipes

We share some of our favorite sous vide recipes with you so you can make them at home.
Did you know we also have a sous vide app for the iPhone and Android? It has over 400 time and temperature combinations for 175 cuts of meat, fish and vegetables. You can find more information about our sous vide app on our site, in the iTunes store or the the Android store, or you can search on your phone for "Sous Vide" and look for our easy to find icon!

New to Sous Vide Cooking?

Here are some items to get you started with sous vide cooking.

Beginning Sous Vide Guide

Free Beginning Sous Vide Guide

Our comprehensive guide to getting started cooking sous vide is free to use. It contains equipment reviews and recommendations as well as information on sous vide safety and best practices.

About Sous Vide

If you are just starting out you can read our what is sous vide or main components of sous vide articles and then look at our sous vide equipment and sous vide recipes sections or the sous vide resources section.

Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started

If you are interested in other types of modernist cooking we have a paperback book and a large website dedicated to modernist cooking made easy.

Getting Started Sous Vide Forum

If you have questions about getting started you can ask them in our forum and have other passionate sous vide cooks answer them.

Sous Vide Book and iPhone & Android Apps

You can learn more about our Beginning Sous Vide book or look at our iPhone App or Android App. They both provide a great way to keep sous vide information on hand when a computer isn't around.

Our Latest Content

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Cooking Sous Vide How Tos

Our How-To section allows readers to submit questions for the community to answer. Whether it's about proper technique or where to find supplies, the How-Tos will find you an answer for all your cooking sous vide questions.
sous vide guides

Sous Vide Guides

In the past we have been asked to go into more detail about certain sous vide subjects on our site. This has prompted our new "Sous Vide Guides" section. We'll be releasing guides that give an in-depth look into several different sous vide subjects.

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

Sous vide cooking is the process of cooking vacuum sealed food in a low temperature water bath to achieve texture and doneness not found in other cooking techniques. We'll explain the process of sous vide cooking and present some benefits and drawbacks.

Sous Vide Equipment

There are two types of equipment you need for proper sous vide cooking: heat regulators and vacuum sealers. We look at the entire range of options you have, from items in your kitchen to high-end sous vide equipment.

Sous Vide Tips and Tricks

Understanding the basics of sous vide is one thing, mastering it is quite another. We'll try to provide some of our best tips and tricks for your continued sous vide success.

Modernist Cooking Made Easy

If you want to move beyond sous vide and experiment with some molecular gastronomy at home then you can check out the new website we're working on. It has modernist recipes and a molecular gastronomy glossary. We are also working on a bunch of "How To" articles and have just published a 240 introduction to modernist cooking called Modernist Cooking Made Easy: Getting Started.

Cooking Sous Vide: A Guide for the Home Cook

This book explains the basic concepts of sous vide to the home cook and presents several low-cost options for getting started. It also provides recipes, and cooking time and temperature charts to help you to begin exploring sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide Safety

As sous vide cooking becomes more and more common we're asked more and more about the safety concerns associated with sous vide cooking. We decided to gather some information about sous vide safety, namely cooking in plastic and time and temperature safety.

Main Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking affects food in different ways, here's a breakdown of some of the most important effects of sous vide and how they apply to the home kitchen.

Main Components of Sous Vide

There are three basic components that apply when you are cooking sous vide. They are pressure, temperature, and time and they are the three variables you will have control over when you are creating and tweaking sous vide dishes.

Sous Vide Recipes

Just like any other cooking technique there are countless ways to prepare sous vide foods, we cover some of the more popular sous vide foods and some common variations.

Sous Vide Blog

We'll keep you updated with all the recent developments in sous vide cooking.

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